Ticket Sales
FoodKart Productions

Foodkart Productions is a web page that promote events and sell ticket entries for concerts and any other events that take place in Foodkart International, which is a franchise whose most of the locations are in Venezuela.

In order to manage the events and facilitate the purchase of entries using technology, we developed from scratch a whole system which has a web page for ticket sales, an admin page for manage payments, statistics and user data, and a protocol system to manage the QR entries generated by the system and allow to enter to the events.‍


For big projects like this, we divide the design several stages: Benchmark, User-Centered Design, Architecture and Layout and finally User Interface Design.


We used React (front-end) and Node (back-end) to achieve the goals of the implementation.

Key Features

In this project the main feature developed was the integration of custom maps for the ticket sales. We developed a fast process to design a custom map and then link the SVG generated with the seats or general entries.

Deploy and Release

We make use of AWS tools for deployment.

Team Members


Luis Lujano


Eladio Jimenez


Roxidi Oronoz

UI/UX Designer

Daniel Jimenez


Domingo Luis


Carlos Zabala


Natascha Gamboa


Fernando Colmenarez